Non-Invasive Fat Loss - Muscle Stimulation And Skin Tightening

We have the technology to Contour your body. No needles. No scalpels. No downtime.
At Awazul we specialize in body contouring, it’s what we do. We offer combination treatments with the latest in state-of-the-art technology to decrease fat, stimulate muscle, and tighten skin.  We customize your treatment because every body is unique.  See the many modalities that we offer below.

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TruSculpt iD


TruSculpt Flex

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Non-invasive Fat loss using Monopolar Radio Frequency. Sate-of-the-art 15-minute treatment that permanently destroys 24% of fat cells.  Part of the truBody treatment. Book your appointment today.

Muscular bio-stimulation. Build your abs, lift the glutes, strengthen your golf swing...You decide. Part of the TruBody Treatment. Book your appointment today.

Warm sculpting permanent fat loss. Non-invasive, no downtime.  Book your appointment with us today.

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Verju Laser

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Vanquish RF

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Non-invasive Fat loss and excellent at improving cellulite and reducing inches. Part of the Verju - Vanquish Duo. Book your appointment today.

Vanquish is contactless technology for fat cell disruption. Part of our Verju- Vanquish duo

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A great addition to our cellulite treatments. PelleFirm feels warm as we massage the area with a RadioFrequency wand. Book your appointment with us today.