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SculpSure™Permanent Fat Loss

Give us 25 minutes, let SculpSure™ Contour your body. SculpSure™ is a light-based body contouring laser designed to PERMANENTLY reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the abdomen and love handles without surgery or downtime.




No downtime

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PermanentlyEliminates Stubborn Fat Pockets

A Smarter Way to Sculpt

SculpSure™ is a non-invasive laser body contouring treatment that helps you achieve a natural-looking, slimmer appearance.

How does SculpSure™ work?

The SculpSure laser raises the temperature of fat cells damaging their structural integrity. Over the next three months, the damaged fat cells are processed and eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system.

Fat cells are permanently removed and will not regenerate. Results can be seen as quickly as six weeks, and optimal results are typically seen at 12 weeks. Additionally, SculpSure™ encourages collagen and elastin production which causes skin tightening.

How Does SculpSure™ Differ From CoolSculpting?

• Sculpsure™ is less painful. Most people tolerate SculpSure™ with minimal if any discomfort. CoolSculpting can be very painful.
• SculpSure™ treatments take 25 minutes rather than 1 hour with CoolSculpting®
• No permanent side effects have been reported with SculpSure™. CoolSculpting on the other hand can leave dimpling of the skin, numbness in the area, and a "shelf effect."

Why Don’t You Offer CoolSculpting?

Our Obesity Specialist, Dr. Sonya Hansen, spends much of her time treating people who have had CoolSculpting procedures at other centers and do not like the ultimate result. We do not offer treatments with CoolSculpting and we don't recommend them.

CoolSculpting® freezes your targeted fat cells. The fat cells eventually die and are naturally removed by your body.

Here are some other facts about CoolSculpting®:
• Only one area can be targeted per treatment.
• It has been known to cause nerve damage due to the fact that it freezes everything under the applicator, not just the fat cell.
• It frequently leaves a "shelf effect" where the treated area meets the untreated area.



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