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FemiLiftFemale health at a higher level

The OB/GYN-administered FemiLift helps us take women’s health in Maui to a higher level. The benefits of nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation may include a reversal of tissue atrophy, relief of dryness, a turnaround to painful sexual intercourse, a shift from stress urinary incontinence, and even urinary tract infections. Should you be experiencing any of these symptoms, stop suffering in silence and reach out to Awazul for a very confidential and complimentary consultation.
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Ideal Candidates

The most suitable candidates for FemiLift include women who have just given birth and those experiencing menopause symptoms. Patients experiencing problems like vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, and involuntary urine leakage are ideal candidates.

FemiLift is not suitable for those who have an active infection. It is not recommended for people with a connective tissue disorder, those taking blood thinners, and those on medications that may disrupt the healing process.

Your FemiLift Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will discuss the details of FemiLift laser vaginal rejuvenation. We will ask about your needs, goals, desires, and budget, and your complete medical history will also be discussed. Using this information, we will develop a customized treatment plan.

The Procedure

FemiLift uses cutting-edge laser technology to treat vaginal concerns. The session only takes around 15 to 20 minutes.

A laser probe is inserted into the vagina, releasing energy pulses to heat and contract the collagen fibers. The laser also stimulates new collagen production for thicker and more elastic vaginal tissues.

An additional benefit of the laser is an improved blood supply to the area, which increases lubrication and vaginal sensation.

FemiLift Aftercare

You can go back to normal activities after getting FemiLift without any recovery needed. However, you should avoid using tampons or sexual intercourse for five days after the treatment. This will allow the vaginal walls to settle. You will not feel pain or any restriction after getting the procedure.

How Much Does FemiLift Cost?

The total cost of getting FemiLift depends on how many treatments you need. Its price will be discussed during your consultation.

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If you’re ready to benefit from our treatments for women’s health in Maui, contact Awazul. Our experienced staff will provide the personalized care you deserve, so book your consultation today.



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