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If you have been battling vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, urinary incontinence or laxity, come in for a FemiLift in Maui at Awazul. This treatment can address vaginal issues that have been causing you discomfort and dissatisfaction. Unlike surgical vaginal rejuvenation, FemiLift is minimally invasive, which is one of the main reasons why over 200,000 women have gotten this state-of-the-art treatment.

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What Is FemiLift?

The aging process causes a natural decrease in the production of collagen protein, resulting in laxity. For women, this laxity can be exacerbated by giving birth to a child. The vagina and urethra area undergo structure changes, and the skin and muscles lose firmness, causing issues like stress urinary incontinence and reduced sexual fulfillment.

FemiLift corrects these changes by stimulating collagen production and tissue regrowth. FemiLift gently addresses vaginal irregularities through precise laser resurfacing. It treats vaginal laxity, recurring infections, vaginal dryness, and stress urinary incontinence, along with menopause symptoms and other hormonal issues. Some women get it to effectively address painful intercourse and provide post-delivery rehabilitation.

FemiLift is a quick and pain-free procedure performed in the office that does not require anesthesia of any kind. It provides immediate results with no downtime.

Is FemiLift Right for Me?

The best candidates for FemiLift are women suffering from minimal to moderate vaginal laxity and looseness to the point that these issues cause urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, or sexual dissatisfaction. These candidates also include moms who want to restore the condition of their vaginal tissues after giving birth and women going through menopause.

However, FemiLift is not recommended to patients who have photosensitivity, lupus, or an active vaginal infection. It is also not suitable for those who have uncontrolled diabetes or are at risk for heart disease or stroke. Additionally, patients who are taking corticosteroids or anticoagulants may not be ideal candidates.

Your FemiLift Consultation

You can find out whether FemiLift is right for you by coming in for a free consultation. Your medical history will be reviewed, and you will undergo a routine gynecological exam. You will be advised if you are determined to be a suitable candidate for the procedure, and you will be provided with a schedule for treatments.

The FemiLift Treatment

During the procedure, you will be asked to maintain the same position you assume during your annual gynecological exam. You will be asked to put on protective eyewear.

The laser probe is then inserted into the vagina, about six to eight centimeters deep. A laser light beam is emitted, which penetrates into the vaginal tissues to stimulate collagen production.

The FemiLift procedure usually lasts around five to 10 minutes. It does not involve any pain or bleeding.

FemiLift Aftercare

After the FemiLift treatment session, you can resume your daily activities as usual with no need for recovery. You should avoid any sexual activity for three days. Refrain from inserting anything into the vagina for three days after the treatment. You can perform most exercises after the procedure, but avoid strenuous workouts for three days after undergoing FemiLift.

The Cost of FemiLift

The price of getting FemiLift is lower than that of surgical vaginal rejuvenation. Its total cost depends on how many sessions you need, and most women require three sessions to get their desired results. Its price is not covered by insurance, since it is considered a cosmetic treatment.

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