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Larson Client Testimony

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Larson ClientTestimony

At 180 and 307 pounds, Kip and Jen Larson were struggling to keep up with their grandkids and getting up off the ground was difficult. “It was time to make a change. I was just tired of being fat,” said Jen.

The Larsons heard about the Awazul Weight Loss Program from friends of theirs who completed the plan and still visit the medical spa for maintenance and service. Apprehensive at first, Jen shared “I was opposed to the program and skeptical. I didn’t feel an injection was a plan for life.”

Jen and Kip joined Awazul at the end of September 2022; the program orientation helped her realize that a large part of the program is changing one’s mindset, setting goals and focusing on milestones for success. Despite this Jen wanted to test to the program. She left on a business trip after her first Awazul appointment where eating out and entertaining clients are par for the course.

“I made good choices. I followed the advice she [Dr. Giordano] gave and followed the charts from our program. I actually lost weight during the business trip. [It was then that] I saw the potential of the program.” Jen’s skepticism began to fade and by working the program, exercising daily, making consistently sound dietary selections and going to their weekly Awazul maintenance check-ups, Kip and Jen began actualize swift health improvements.

“My initial goal was to lose 35 pounds but after hitting my goal, I decided to lose another 15 pounds. I went from 180 to 130 pounds in five months and have maintained my weight for six months on my own.”

Kip, Jen’s husband, also made a major transformation. “Kip was obese and I was concerned about his health; just by walking up the stairs in the house, he’d be winded.”

At the time of this writing, Kip has lost over 100 pounds and gone from 307 to 207 and continues to lose! Combined Jen and Kip Larson have lost 155 pounds in nine months.

“I was resigned to be the weight that I was. I carried the weight for years but this program has helped me change my mindset on food. We eat differently and live healthier. There is nothing negative about [the Awazul program], I hope my story helps other people live happier, healthier lives too.”

Dr Giordano adds, “I love how Kip and Jen Larson came in as a team, motivated each other, held each other accountable, stayed disciplined and took advantage of all the tools the Awazul weight loss program provides. The desire and commitment for change has to be an internal catalyst, but Awazul can help make that evolution to a healthier person happen faster.”

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