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The LatestWhole Body Cryotherapy vs. Localized Cryotherapy

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Whole Body Cryotherapy vs. Localized Cryotherapy

You no longer have to subject yourself to an ice bath to experience the incredible healing benefits of cold temperatures. In a process known as cryotherapy, the body is briefly subjected to temperatures as low as -238°F (-150°C), shrinking the pores and stimulating collagen production, among numerous other rejuvenating effects.

However, multiple specialized versions of cryotherapy exist, depending on your needs and goals. Two of these are Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) and Localized Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy at Awazul

Maui’s premier cryotherapy treatment center is Awazul Wellness, a full-service medical spa. Our expert staff has helped many clients look and feel amazing with this relatively simple, non-invasive, no-downtime treatment. Not to mention, this “lunchtime” procedure is completed in mere minutes; there’s no need to remove your makeup!

During your initial consultation, we’ll listen carefully to your concerns regarding your appearance and any physical discomfort you may be experiencing. If cryotherapy is a good match for your symptoms, we offer WBC and Localized Cryotherapy, including the Cryofacial.

When to Use Whole Body Cryotherapy

During a WBC session, the client stands in a large chamber that covers the entire body up to the neck. For two to four minutes, your skin is exposed to ultracold nitrogen vapors, resulting in the following for a well-rounded treatment:

• The skin’s pores shrink and the body’s wound-healing response is activated, leading to smoother, uniform skin with fewer fine lines, scars, and brown spots, among other blemishes.
• Endorphins are released and inflammation is reduced for pain relief and more energy. 
• Faster muscle recovery occurs, making it a great option for athletes.

When Localized Cryotherapy Is the Better Choice

While WBC is excellent for comprehensive care, a client may have more of a need for targeted treatment with Localized Cryotherapy, focusing on specific areas of the body. For example, runners might have a lot of leg soreness and want to focus on just one or a few particular leg muscle groups. Similarly, surgery patients could (with their doctor’s approval) seek Localized Cryotherapy for a smoother recovery with less swelling.

Other differences are the length of the session and the equipment used. Rather than standing in a chamber like during WBC, Localized Cryotherapy involves the specific area(s) of the body being sprayed as you lie down. And, since this version is more targeted, it can sometimes take a few minutes longer.

Still, even procedures like the Cryofacial usually take about 12 minutes. Additionally, treating the head can allow for benefits like migraine reduction and the slowing of hair loss.

Which Version of Cryotherapy Is Right for Me?

Whether you’re a candidate for Whole Body Cryotherapy, Localized Cryotherapy, or both will ultimately have to be decided by one of our highly trained cryotherapy professionals. If you are located in Maui and would like to learn about the variations of cryotherapy or any of our other procedures, contact Awazul Wellness today to set up your initial consultation so we can talk more about your goals!

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