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Dr. Sonya Hansen is a Member of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, The International Association for the Study of Obesity, The Obesity Society ,The American Society of Bariatric Physicians, SCOPE.  She has traveled the world attending meetings and studying the latest developments in Obesity.

​During one of her trips she stumbled on the latest fitness waves to hit Paris. She calls it the AwaFit and it is revolutionizing cellulite treatments and physical fitness. AwaZul is the first center in America to offer it! 

She designed AwaZul to be a place where east and West meet seamlessly, people are greeted with a smile and hugs abound. However, it would still be grounded on scientific data to assure the safest, fastest, funnest weight loss journey ever imagined.  Fitness, Nutrition and Medical Knowledge under one roof.

She combines her expert body sculpting with medical advice to assure the best results and to help you maintain your results.  She provides an individualized medical weight management program that is safe, effective and enjoyable.

Dr. Hansen recommends Meditation and Mindfulness to effect behavioral changes and decrease stress which can lead to overeating.  She offers a Far Infrared Sauna and  Lymphatic Massage Pressotherapy to increase lymphatic flow, a frequently ignored aid in weight loss and cellulite treatments.  

She has chosen an organic, cold pressed juice bar and designed recipes loaded with organic vegetables as a tool to get her patients a delicious way to decrease cravings. She calls it AwaJuice.  She recommends a cleanse as a way to kick-start a weight loss plan. It helps curve the cravings for sugar and complex carbohydrates. It is a great behavioral tool to overcome improve impulse control and feel in charge of your body again.

Dr. Sonya Hansen possesses a very intelligent, clinical mind and combines it with genuine empathy and understanding for her patients. She understands that before they come to see her,  it is likely that they have faced many disappointments. She will listen, help set aside the obstacles and offer an easier, fun, alternative for weight loss. Yes, easy weight loss. It must be enjoyable if it is to last. 

When asked why Obesity Medicine? This is what she had to say:

"There is so much about weight that people and even fellow physicians don't understand. My studies of Obesity have been eye opening and reveal why there is such a weight bias that needs to change. It comes from a complete lack of understanding of the field of Obesity.   My greatest satisfaction is to watch patients transform their lives. It is incredibly fulfilling to see their excitement as they lose weight, begin to feel better and rediscover themselves. It is a true privilege to be part of their transformation."

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