By Sonya Hansen MD


Stop, Continue, and Start.
If your New year’s resolution includes getting healthier and losing weight this might help keep you on track.
STOP represents those behaviors we need to stop doing because they are detrimental to our health and hinder weight loss.
CONTINUE represents those behaviors that are part of our weight loss plans.
START represents the behaviors we need to start doing to make ourselves healthier and lose weight.
Here’s a small list of behaviors as an example. See if you have any of the same behaviors that are hindering your efforts.
Eating mindlessly whatever is easy and available
Buying chocolate for myself with the excuse that I’m stressed or sad
Sitting at my desk all day without taking a break
Eating from emotions
Expecting perfection
Wanting to quit because I let myself down
Eating while I watch TV or read
Taking care of my household and myself
Logging my meals
Sustaining healthy relationships with family and friends
Planning my meals
Setting new goals that are attainable
Paying close attention to portion sizes
Increasing my activity daily
Doing yoga or meditating to relieve stress
Cooking healthier meals
Having breakfast
Getting enough sleep
Eating only if I’m hungry
Finding rewards outside of food
These three phrases really help break down the plan in achievable steps. I challenge you to make your own list right now and really think about what behaviors you need to stop, what behaviors you need to continue, and what behaviors you need to start. When it comes to weight loss, it is important to analyze your behavioral patterns and constantly set goals that are S.M.A.R.T
SPECIFIC: I will increase my activity.
MEASURABLE: I will track my steps.
ATTAINABLE: I will increase my steps by 10% every week.
RELEVANT: More activity will decrease my couch time.
TIME-BOUND: This week, I will…t’s easier to commit to a goal -- and be successful -- if you set a time.
Are you up for the challenge? Can you sit down and analyze how you are doing right now? Revisit your list every month and add or subtract behaviors as needed. Set new goals as you make progress and never give up.
Here’s to a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

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