Getting ready for weight loss

By Sharmila_CML

​My Two Cents

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The success or failure of your weight loss plan depends a great deal on your frame of mind as you start your weight loss journey.
What's your motivation: a wedding? a reunion? a vacation in the Caribbean? You will find that particular events can be very motivating. You can put up with almost anything to show up at your reunion looking like a million bucks. While there is nothing wrong with this and any reason to get healthier should be embraced, the chance of regaining the weight goes up as the excitement of the event fades.
Or is the reason: less pain? the scare of a new diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes? a grandchild you'd like to see grow up? These goals have no expiration date and sometimes are less strong a motivation to start, but more long lasting. Look for these and "tag them on" to "looking good at the wedding" so that long after the big day, you'll still be on your healthy journey.

​I recommend making notes of the great things that start to happen as you lose the weight. The daily compliments that you will one day take for granted, the new interest in your body and fitness, the new ease of movement as you lose the first 10 pounds, the better sleep, the less fatigue, the depression or fog lifting...
You'd think with all these great feelings, you'd never go back. But we humans forget quickly.

Before day 0, write letters to yourself, make a video, remind your thinner self of tomorrow what it really feels like today. Be completely candid. And then, as you lose weight, look at those letters or videos often and certainly anytime the scale starts to go up.
You might think it's strange that I'm already dealing with the "after" of weight loss, and you haven't even begun. That's because losing weight is a done deal. You're here, motivated, looking for a path. You WILL lose the weight. But true success is to keep it off, and to assure that, you need to prepare for the day after the wedding, or reunion.
Here's to living life to its fullest.


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