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Dr. Carrie Giordano has joined Awazul and will be bringing with her great expertise in Women's Health. 

Dr. Carrie Giordano has over 17 years of experience in women's health and wellness care. Originally from Chicago, she has been providing comprehensive and compassionate care to the women of Maui for nearly five years and is a member of the North American Menopause Society and Obesity Medicine Association.

As a gynecologist, Dr. Giordano plays a frontline role in identifying and treating diseases related to Obesity such as PCOS, Insulin Resistance, uterine and breast cancer, and infertility. She recognizes the intimate connection between weight and other factors including hormones, menopause, stress, sleep, and genetics. Obtaining her certification as an Obesity Medicine Specialist is a natural fit to help provide the comprehensive wellness care her patients need. 

In her free time, Dr. Giordano enjoys snorkeling, reading, and dedicating time to medical mission work.  She serves as the current President of the Medical Executive Committee of Aloha Surgical Center.

She looks forward to meeting you and joining you on your wellness journey!

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Dr. Sonya Hansen

Our Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Sonya Hansen double board-certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine, and a member of The International Association for the Study of Obesity, The Obesity Society, The American Society of Bariatric Physicians, and SCOPE.  She has traveled the world attending meetings and studying the latest developments in Obesity.
During one of her trips, she stumbled on the latest fitness waves to hit Paris. She calls it the AwaFit and it is revolutionizing cellulite treatments and physical fitness. Awazul is the first center in America to offer it! 
She designed Awazul to be a place where east and West meet seamlessly, people are greeted with a smile and hugs abound. Awazul would be grounded on scientific data to assure the safest, fastest, fun weight loss journey ever imagined.  
Dr. Hansen combines her expert body sculpting and aesthetic artistry with medical advice to assure the best results.  She provides an individualized medical weight management program that is safe, effective, and enjoyable.
Dr. Hansen recommends Meditation and Mindfulness to effect behavioral changes and decrease stress which can lead to overeating.  She offers a Far Infrared Sauna and  Lymphatic Massage Pressotherapy to increase lymphatic flow, a frequently ignored aid in weight loss and cellulite treatments.  
She has chosen an organic, cold-pressed juice bar and designed recipes loaded with organic vegetables as a tool to get her patients a delicious way to decrease cravings. She calls it AwaJuice.  She recommends a cleanse as a way to kick-start a weight loss plan. It helps curve the cravings for sugar and complex carbohydrates. It is a great behavioral tool to overcome improve impulse control and feel in charge of your body again.
Dr. Sonya Hansen possesses a very intelligent, clinical mind and combines it with genuine empathy and understanding for her patients. She understands that before they come to see her, it is likely that they have faced many disappointments. She will listen, help set aside the obstacles, and offer an easier, fun, alternative for weight loss. Yes, easy weight loss. It must be enjoyable if it is to last. 
When asked why Obesity Medicine? This is what she had to say:
"There is so much about weight loss that people and fellow physicians don't understand. My studies of Obesity have been eye-opening and reveal why there is such a weight bias that needs to change. It comes from a complete lack of understanding of the field of Obesity.   My greatest satisfaction is to watch patients transform their lives. It is incredibly fulfilling to see their excitement as they lose weight, begin to feel better, and rediscover themselves. It is a true privilege to be part of their transformation."


Dr. Till Hansen

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Dr. Hansen is double board-certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism.

Prior to joining his wife at Awazul, he was in private practice on Maui for over 10 years. He will continue to see his patients and take (most) insurances under the umbrella of Awazul.

At Awazul, he specializes in the treatment of Endocrine Obesity, which is weight gain or the inability to lose weight due to a hormonal imbalance. e.g. excess cortisol or insulin or insufficient thyroid or testosterone (for men) and estrogen (for women).

Dr. Hansen is considered a thought leader in Diabetes and has been invited to speak to fellow physicians at conferences around the country.

His approach to Diabetes is cutting edge: he believes that weight loss is critical to fixing Diabetes. Most guidelines emphasize lowering blood sugar, without understanding the underlying hormonal problem in Diabetes is the result of excess "belly fat". Avoidance of medicines, including Diabetes medicines, that cause weight gain is critical. All the medicines that Dr. Hansen prescribes help with weight loss.

As a physician for a quarter of a century, Dr. Hansen has worked in many roles, including director of an Intensive Care Unit.

Dr. Hansen is also a specialist in the Menopause. He maintains a website that is full of state-of-the-art information about the menopause without trying to sell anything. He has attended the International Congress of the Menopause in Rome in 2011 and Cancun in 2014, Prague 2016, Vancouver 2018. Dr. Hansen uses only hormones that are identical to those women made prior to the menopause: no synthetics, no birth control pills, no treatments derived from horse urine.

His other area of expertise is in detecting early signs of Cardiovascuar Disease and Diabetes. Through specialized testing it is possible to find abnormalities that precede the diagnosis of Heart Disease and Diabetes by as much as 10 years. Learn more about Dr. Till Hansen.


Bonny Wilson

Patient Care Specialist

Born and raised in Hawaii, Bonny has struggled with her weight since she was 17, trying every fad diet and naturopathic route possible to overcome it. She finally found lasting success in the Awazul Weight Loss Program in 2016, losing 70 lbs in 6 months. She loves working with patients and knows the program, literally, from the inside out. “This is my happy place, where I center myself and practice the self-care that keeps my relationship with food sane. I am so happy to be able to work with other people who face the same challenges, and cheer them on as I watch their success unfold."

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OSHEANA Tashombe


Passionate about providing her clients the best possible results, Osheana will make you feel at ease and guide you gently with her expertise on the different modalities available taking into consideration your challenges and bringing out the best in your natural beauty.

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Tristin Mongold

Patient Care Specialist

Tristin was born in California and moved to Maui in 2012.  She enjoys working closely with people and has a pleasant, cheery disposition.  She likes working alongside patients as they make incredible improvements with their health.  Starting a weight-loss program can be intimidating and yet our patients immediately take to Tristin and are put at ease.  She leads a healthy lifestyle which contributes to her excellence in managing the cold pressed juice AwaJuice. Tristin loves helping others with their journeys to a healthy lifestyle by helping choose juices and cleanses that suit each individual and their goals.


Dr. Sonya Hansen on Maui Matters

Dr. hansen

Discussing Obesity on Maui matters.


Dr. Sonya Hansen while volunteering in Fiji

Dr. Hansen combines her love of travel and medicine by volunteering all over the world. She has volunteered in Haiti, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Africa, Colombia, Morocco. The colors of AwaZul were inspired by the blues she saw in Morocco. Volunteering around the world is one of Dr. Hansen's favorite ways to give back.


About Awazul

Set in a space of bliss and beauty, in magical Wailea Awazul wellness & weight loss is a spectacular mix of calm & excitement. 

We provide a medical and aesthetic experience that is both scientific and comforting. The cutting edge in non-invasive body sculpting, cosmetic rejuvenation as well as constant innovation in weight loss.


At Awazul, weight management and the holistic treatment of our clients is our founder's passion and specialty. She wants you to feel taken care of and pampered in a professional, comfortable environment, secure in the knowledge that the treatments you receive are performed by a trained medical professional. 

Come and discover the health benefits of spending time in our breathtaking slice of heaven in Wailea, Maui.


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