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 Why AwaFitness Health Club?
  1. You've made a decision to change your life and use technology's advances to make this change easy and fun. You'll want to use the AwaFits as your fitness plan. They cost less than a trainer and they feel great. You get a massage, the well known health benefits of hydrotherapy, the energy boost of chromotherapy and you burn a ton of calories! Ozone therapy softens your skin and is a natural desinfectant. Now you've got countless reasons to make the AwaFit your form of exercise. If you're not feeling it, try  Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage massage instead or sweat away your worries in our Far Infrared Sauna. Our treatments are interchangeable. The health benefits of lymphatic drainage are countless, but we use it  mostly to help clear the fat out of the body. 

    A membership includes 4  treatments a month of your choosing: Cryotherapy, AwaFit hydrotherapy, Pressotherapy lymphatic drainage massage or a Far Infrared Sauna. Mix and match as you'd like. You get a free nufoot bootie, a free juice weekly during your free session (almost $50/monthly value) and 5% off any laser treatment, all our meal replacements, body compression garments, and 20% off all cleanses and juice subscriptions.

  2. Ditch the gym, and  burn 600 calories while you get massaged!

  3. Pay a year's membership in advance and the savings get compelling: Just one SculpSure™ laser gets discounted by $300! That's a free month of membership! 

  4. Our idea is that you will choose our laser treatments and get to use our exclusive AwaFits and all of our other  treatments. Slowly incorporate juicing in your life and make life altering changes.  In a short time, you'll look and feel your absolute best and all your friends will want to know all about it. 

  5. For even more savings, our Health Club and our retreats may be tax deductible!  Ask your tax consultant.

  6. Ditch the gym! Ditch the Botox! Ditch the diets 

  7. and glow from the inside out!

  8. Join the AwaZul revolution!

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$100 Credit on your First PicoSure™ or SculpSure™ when you book online

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