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Our Mission


"At AwaZul, our mission is to provide clarity, honesty and integrity to the weight loss field that is usually rich in gimmicks and empty promises. We bring a global fusion of hand-selected proven treatments from around the world. We enrich overall health by taking a holistic approach to health, nutrition and fitness. The result is beauty and vitality that starts from within."



Schedule a consultation for your personalized body sculpting or  medical weight loss program with Maui's only Obesity Specialist, Dr. Sonya Hansen. ​ Located in beautiful Wailea, at the Wailea Gateway Center. 

We have 3 different lasers and a skin tightening treatment to give each patient an individualized treatment that is as unique as your body. We will help you lose weight easily and safely, get your body back, get healthy, feel better and look great again.

State-of-the-art Technology and Science come hand in hand with a holistic approach in a beautiful setting. We teach you how to lose weight quickly and safely. Try our Completely individualized Weight Loss Plans, a body Sculpting laser or ideally, a combination of both.

​​​​​​​​​​​​We'll help you lose weight easily, feel great, get your body back and feel sexy and alive again.​​

Obesity Specialist

" I'm the founder and creator of AwaZul Wellness and Weigh Loss.
I'm honored to be a part of people's transformations, and help them love their bodies again, feel better and look fantastic" Sonya Hansen, M.D.

Dr. Hansen combines her love of travel and medicine by volunteering all over the world. She has volunteered in Haiti, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Africa, Colombia, Morocco. The colors of AwaZul were inspired by the blues she saw in Morocco.


Awazul Medical Weight Loss Center is Wailea's SculpSure Body Sculpting and Fat loss Center.  We are the only center that specializes in fat loss and body contouring.  We'll help you lose weight easily and safely, get healthy, transform your body and feel sexy and alive again.​
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Awazul Wellness & Weight Loss

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Phone. 808-891-2485

Email. Info@Awazul.com